Our own fresh fruits and vegetables are supplemented by the best from leading producers around the world. Our buyer makes trips to the produce market in Boston to select from only the top shipments of fresh produce. Our selection includes a large variety of high-quality fruits and vegetables that are available year-round, seasonal exotic fruits and vegetables, seasonal native and local produce, and homegrown fruits and vegetables.

Special requests for large quantities and unique items are welcomed.

In addition to carrying our own apples year-round, we also carry a variety of seasonal produce from our farm. These include peaches, plums, corn, tomatoes, and pumpkins. We work with a variety of small local farmers to provide our customers high quality, homegrown produce whenever possible.

We offer our customers three different options for buying our apples. Our first quality apples have been graded as the best we have to offer and can be found in baskets ranging from one quart up to a half bushel. Our second quality, or utility, apples are bagged and available in a half peck, one peck, or half bushels for a discounted price. Our third, and most popular option is bulk harvest.

We always have a variety of ungraded apples in bulk harvest bins that customers can mix and match for just $1.29 per pound.